13 March 2020

Event Cancellation Notice

Due to the continuing situation with COVID-19, the closing of all schools in Washington State from 17 March until 24 April, and other situations beyond our control, Cascade Orienteering Club is cancelling the Junior National Orienteering Championships 17-19 April 2020.

Cascade Orienteering will refund all registration fees. We are working with our t-shirt vendor to refund t-shirt orders.

Please be patient as we work through this process. If you have any questions please contact the Event Director.

Thanks for your support of orienteering. Be healthy and safe out there.
Jud Kelley
JN2020 Event Director

12 March 2020

Cascade Orienteering COVID-19 Event Planning Statement

We are currently in the process of consulting with OUSA regarding cancellation or postponement of this event.

In the past 24 hours since Cascade Orienteering Club posted an event planning strategy for all COC events, there have been further emergency measures implemented at both local and national levels. The March 11 COC statement indicates a decision about this event would not be made until April 1. That is no longer the case.

We now expect to announce a decision regarding this event within the next few days, much earlier than anticipated. When a decision is made, information will be posted here as well as e-mailed to all registrants.

8 March 2020

2020 JWOC Team Trials COVID-19 Contingency Plan

All junior athletes registered or who may still register to participate in the JWOC 2020 Team Trials races that are part of the Junior Nationals, please reference new guidance regarding a Team Trials Contingency Plan presented in the documents below. JTESC encourages all juniors intending to try out for the JWOC 2020 team to submit a Type I petition.

2020 JWOC Team Trials COVID-19 Contingency Plan

2020 JWOC Selection Guide.

Cascade Orienteering Club COVID-19 Mitigation Procedures

The biggest risks identified at this event are the dorms, dining hall, social events, and airline travel. COC is developing a process with our medical team (lead by a nurse) to screen participants (coaches, competitors, and chaperones) who are staying at or participating in any social, dining, or dorm activities at Camp Casey. COC will discuss with Camp Casey staff what we might use as an isolation area if we need one.

As orienteering is an outdoor event, the risk of spreading an airborne virus is less than indoor venues. Cascade used the following procedures at our event on March 7th and will continue to use and develop these procedures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 at our events:

Before you depart home for the event:

  1. Your best protection it to wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, then rinse and dry.
  2. Avoid touching your face as any virus on your hands may migrate to your mucus membranes in your nose and eyes.
  3. Self-assess. If you are sick, stay home! If you are at risk, stay home!

At the orienteering venue:

  1. Once you arrive, give everyone plenty of personal space (6’ minimum) as much as possible. When greeting your fellow orienteers, DON’T shake hands, hug, etc. Wave to your friends with the understanding that we are all trying to keep each other healthy and safe. Wash your hands as described above.
  2. At start: Sanitize your SI stick with the sanitizing wipes provided before you clear, check, & start.
  3. On course: respect personal space. Don’t delay at controls. Punch and move on!
  4. Before download: wash your hands or sanitize your hands AND SI stick. Once this is complete, download your SI stick. Let the download crew tear off and hand you your results.
  5. After the race we all like to discuss results, route choices, and strategies. It’s what makes us all better orienteers. When you do this, again respect personal space.
  6. Before you depart: Wash your hands before you enter your vehicle to protect your car, ride, and/or driver/passenger.”

4 March 2020

Cascade Orienteering Club is aware of and monitoring the situation related to COVID-19 in Washington State and will follow guidance from local, state, and federal health agencies. We will update all participants with information both here and via e-mail if the situation materially changes with regards to the event. Community and participant safety are our primary concerns.

August 2019

Embargo Notice

A.7.4 When a Bid Event is submitted to sanctioning, the area is closed to orienteering competitions and training until the event takes place. Individuals or groups visiting the closed venue shall not be eligible for competition, awards, or rankings, but they may nevertheless participate in the event.

The following locations may not be visited prior to the event:

  • Ft Ebey State Park
  • The Kettles Recreational Area (next to Ft Ebey)
  • Ft Casey Historical State Park
  • Camp Casey
  • South Whidbey Community Park