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Official registration for Orienteering Events, Evening Activities, and Lodging in Athletes’ Village is all via OUSA EventReg.

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See the Registration FAQ below if you have questions about which event class to register for.

We’ve also created a step-by-step guide for registering students to reference.

Registration for non-competitive participants on White, Yellow, and Orange courses (Beginner/Intermediate) is only on-site, day of the event.


Event Adult Junior Late Adult Late Junior
Friday Sprint $25 $15 $30 $20
Saturday Long $45 $25 $50 $30
Sunday Middle $45 $25 $50 $30

Prices increase March 1 at 11:59pm Pacific. Registration closes on March 29th at 11:59pm Pacific.

E-Punch Rental adds $2.50 per race

OUSA members receive a discount per race: $4 Adults, $2 Juniors.

Room and Board in Athletes Village starts at $65.00 per night.


Events like this rely on many volunteers to keep things running smoothly. We appreciate you considering spending an hour or two of your time helping us make this a great experience. Sign up on Cascade Orienteering’s volunteer system.

Registration FAQ

1. Do I need to qualify to participate?

No. There are no qualifying times or races. Registration is open to all.

2. Can foreign exchange students participate?

Yes. All foreign exchange students may participate on a team if they are a full-time student and have an OUSA membership.

3. Is everyone eligible for awards?

Anyone may participate, but there are some requirements to be eligible for awards. In general, you must be a full time student and a current OUSA member. You can get your OUSA membership here. See the below and the OUSA rules section A.37 for more details.

Foreign exchange students are not eligible for individual medals.

4. I’m a grad student, can I participate in the Intercollegiate category?

Yes, under the following conditions: You must be a full time student, under age 28, and not have participated in more than 3 national championship intercollegiate meets. Intercollegiate team members must all attend the same campus.

5. I attend a charter school, choice school, or alternative school that has no sports program; can I participate?

Alternative schools: Students who are enrolled in an alternative school (such as a charter school, choice school, or pull-out school) where sports are typically offered through another school may participate with that other school with permission of the school that they currently attend.

Homeschooled teams: Individuals who are homeschooled may form a SCHOOL team with other homeschooled individuals from the same geographical area. This area is defined as their county or city of residence or the public school district in which they reside, whichever area is geographically larger.

5. How many people make up a team? Are teams by gender or co-ed?

School and club teams are co-ed and consist of 3-5 students running at the same level. All participants from the same school must be on a school team.

6. Is my school limited to one team at each level?

No. You can have multiple school teams running the same level, but you must use different team names to differentiate which students are on which team when you register.

7. What is a school team vs a club team?

To be eligible as a SCHOOL team:

  • All team members must be enrolled full-time at the same school, as demonstrated by a school ID for the same school, OR have an authorized exception, as demonstrated by an Orienteering USA School Team Exception Form.

To be eligible as a CLUB team:

  • All team members must be primary Orienteering USA regular members of the same Orienteering USA sanctioned Orienteering Club.
  • The team must not be eligible as a SCHOOL or JROTC team.
  • The Coach of the Club Team shall provide a letter stating that all members meet the eligibility requirements.

8. What if I don’t have enough students from the same school at one level to form a team?

Please let the registrar know if you would like assistance in forming a club team.

9. Does the Friday Sprint count towards JN2020 results?

No. Results from the sprint do NOT contribute towards OUSA Junior Nationals awards.

However, if you are eyeing a spot on the OUSA JWOC team (Junior World Orienteering Championships), you should register for the sprint using the JWOC Trials M or JWOC Trials F classes. Anyone else arriving in time Friday is welcome to participate in the sprint on Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced sprint courses.

10. What class should I register for?

Juniors should register for the appropriate Interscholastic (IS) or Intercollegiate (IC) class based on their grade and skill level. Age based classes (F-16, M-12) should only be used by juniors who do not qualify for Junior Nationals awards (for example: non-US Juniors).

11. I’m a junior staying off site, can I participate in evening social events?

Yes, but you need to register for these in event reg. The cost is $5 per event which includes activities and food.

12. I’m a parent or coach, can I register for my family or team and only make one payment?

Yes. If you are registering several current OUSA members, after completing the waiver page for the first registrant, continue and click “Register Another Orienteer for this Event” at the top. After registering all OUSA participants, you’ll be able to make one payment with the pay now button.

Non-OUSA registrations, and membership purchases, must check out separately.

13. I’m a chaperone and not competing, do I need to register on EventReg?

Chaperones should use EventReg (click ‘Register Now’ button) to sign up for accommodations, meals and social events at Athlete’s village at Camp Casey. If you’re staying off site and not participating in any social activities, you do not need to register.